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Physik: alles auch nur Theorie!??

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Die Theorie von Allem



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Revolutionäre Entdeckung: Physiker messen erstmals Gravitationswellen

Es ist eine Jahrhundertsensation: Albert Einstein hatte sie einst theoretisch hergeleitet, nun haben Forscher erstmals Gravitationswellen nachgewiesen. Sie öffnen einen völlig neuen Blick auf das Universum.





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Sind die Gesetze der Physik einzigartig für unser Universum?

Chris Knight, the finest fictional physicist of our time, once said „All science.  No Philosophy.  Wrong.“  It’s true that an understanding of existence outside of equations is vital for scientists, both in terms of enjoying life and avoiding things like Agent Orange, but beware careless combination of the two.  A science/philosophy mixture can lead to metaphysical claims that the laws of physics are nothing but local zoning ordinances, as demonstrated by Lee Smolin.

Smolin is author of „the fecund universes theory“ of cosmology which suggests that the rules of biology apply on the grandest scales, and is often referred to as „cosmological natural selection“. Smolin summarized the idea in his book, The Life of the Cosmos.

The theory surmises that a collapsing black hole causes the emergence of a new universe on the „other side“, whose fundamental constant parameters (speed of light, Planck length and so forth) may differ slightly from those of the universe where the black hole collapsed. Each universe therefore gives rise to as many new universes as it has black holes.

The Perimeter Institute theoretical physicist got together with philosopher Roberto Unger and arrived at three radically new conclusions. The first is that there is only one universe – the idea of a multiverse might be awesome science fiction, and essential to the slightly less credible string theory, but there’s no reason to base your worldview on worlds where the Nazis won or the universal constant of gravitation has a different value.

The second idea is that time is real.  Remember when you read that first sentence?  Okay, you agree with us – this is one of those discussions that takes place at a level regular humans don’t argue at.  Some say that all of existence is a crystal of reality that we happen to move through, Dr Manhattan style, which is wonderfully imaginative but displays incredible cognitive disconnection.  Even speaking the words aloud demonstrates the passage of time, and most arguments beyond that depend on bringing the debate to an extremely specific linguistic field of hyper-definitions that the opponent hasn’t wasted their life learning, and will therefore „lose“ at.  Luckily for us, Lee agrees that time actually exists and we can move on to the real problem: the idea of physics as local rules.

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