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FermiLab Discovers Clues to Why the Big Bang Produced More Matter than Antimatter

Scientists of the MINOS experiment at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National AcceleratorLaboratory have announced the results from a search for a rare phenomenon, the transformation of muon neutrinos into electron neutrinos. The result is consistent with and significantly constrains a measurement reported 10 days ago by the Japanese T2K experiment, which could have implications for our understanding of the role that neutrinos may have played in the evolution of the universe. If muon neutrinos transform into electron neutrinos, neutrinos could be the reason that the big bang produced more matter than antimatter, leading to the universe as it exists today.

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CERN’s Star-Trek Moment: „Close to Discovering if Antimatter Obeys Gravity“

According to the scientists at CERN — the same organization responsible for the Large Hadron Collider — we’re about to solve one of the greatest unsolved problems in physics: that although the Big Bang resulted in a huge outpouring of matter and antimatter particles, that antimatter has an opposite charge, that it is still made of normal energy and it therefore obeys the same laws of gravity as matter.

So sure, in fact, that when the space shuttle Endeavour finally blasts off — hopefully in five days — it will carry on board a $2 billion antimatter detector known as the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer just to prove it.

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Satellit entdeckt Antimaterie über Gewitterwolken

In den Tiefen des Universums suchen Astronomen nach Antimaterie. Nun ist das Weltraumteleskop „Fermi“ fündig geworden – in der Atmosphäre unseres Planeten. Bei Gewittern werden Positronen massenhaft aus Gewitterwolken nach oben ins All geschleudert. Die Forscher sind verblüfft.

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Neue Asymmetrie zwischen Materie und Antimaterie entdeckt

Antimaterie ist eben doch nicht das perfekte Spiegelbild von Materie. Einen neuen Beweis dafür haben Physiker jetzt bei Protonen-Antiprotonen-Kollisionen entdeckt. Die Unterschiede, die sie dabei beobachtet haben, sind erstaunlich: Sie widersprechen den bisherigen Theorien der Teilchenphysik.


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