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HISTORIC DISCOVERY: Physicists ‚PROVE‘ God DIDN’T create the Universe

A TEAM of scientists have made what may turn out to be the most important discovery in HISTORY – how the universe came into being from nothing.



The colossal question has troubled religions, philosophers and scientists since the dawn of time but now a Canadian team believe they have solved the riddle. And the findings are so conclusive they even challenge the need for religion, or at least an omnipotent creator – the basis of all world religions.

He said: “Virtual particles contain a very small amount of energy and exist for a very small amount of time.  “However what was difficult to explain was how did such a small amount of energy give rise to a big universe like ours?” Enter ‚inflation‘ theory. Prof Mir used some mind-boggling mathematics and two recent theories:
• The Minimum Length Scale – a measurement so infinitesimally small that space and time cease to exist.• Doubly Special Relativity – which takes advantage of the massive energies available just after the birth of the universe.

Under Inflation Theory the tiny energies and lifespan of the virtual particle become infinitely magnified, resulting in our 13.8 Billion-year-old universe. Just to make things more complicated Dr Mir says we have been looking at the question ‘how did the universe come from nothing?’ all wrong. According to the extraordinary findings, the question is irrelevant because the universe STILL is nothing. Dr Mir said: “Something did not come from nothing. The universe still is nothing, it’s just more elegantly ordered nothing.”





Februar 17, 2016 - Posted by | Wissenschaft |

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