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Stephen Hawking: „Human Evolution is About to Mimic Evolution’s Big Bang“

For billions of years, simple creatures like plankton, bacteria, and algae ruled the earth. Then, suddenly, life got very complicated. Recent discoveries from Canada’s Burgess Shale Deposits, Greenland, China, Siberia, and Namibia document clearly that a period of biological creativity known as the Cambrian Explosion occurred in a „geological instant“ over 500 million years ago virtually all around the globe -an explosion of life that continues to puzzle evolutionists.

During the Cambrian explosion animals as diverse as arthropods, molluscs, jellyfish, and primitive vertebrates all appear within a time span of only 5-10 million years with no ancestors and no intermediates.Recent discoveries have narrowed the time frame from over 70 million years to less than 10 million years. The same basic body plans that arose in the Cambrian remain surprisingly constant ever since. Apparently, the most significant biological changes in the history of the earth occurred in less than ten million years, and for 500 million years afterward, this level of change never happened again.

Harvard’s Stephen Jay Gould once said, „Fast is now a lot faster than we thought, and that is extraordinarily interesting.“





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