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Has the Long-Sought Link to Modern Humans Been Found?

Scientists say a pair of fossils from a South African cave— an adult female and a juvenile — which display a small brain, but a brain that’s beginning to reorganize in some ways that resemble our brain–could be the long-sought transition between ape-like ancestors and the first humans.

It’s surmised that Australopithecus sediba still used his hands for climbing in trees, but it was likely also capable of making the precision grips believed necessary to make stone tools, according to Tracy Kivell, paleoanthropologist, with the Max Planck Institute

The „mix-and-match“ anatomy, with traits of both primitive and modern animals,make the
South African fossils, dated at 1.9 million years ago is  „probably the best candidate ancestor for giving rise to our immediate ancestor.“


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September 13, 2011 - Posted by | Presse |

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