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Beten ist mentale Masturbation

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Am Lagerfeuer

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Genetic Exodus: DNA Tells ‚Global Story‘ of Human Migration Out of Africa

„Nearly all civilizations have their own origin or creation myth. Now we can use archaeogenetics to tell a global story that is robust and applicable to all human communities everywhere.“

Colin Renfrew of the University of Cambridge,

In recent years, DNA evidence has added important new tools for scientists studying the human past. „To understand what it is to be human, it is essential to understand the human past,“ says Renfrew, who first coined the term „archaeogenetics“ and is the author of a guest editorial in the special issue on Global Genetic History of Homo Sapiens in Cell (link below).

The journey started around 60 to 70 thousand years ago in Africa, where modern humans evolved more than 150 thousand years ago, and where human diversity is still the highest among all continents in terms of genetic variation and languages. From there, humans settled Europe and South Asia and reached Oceania. The Americas (apart from the remote Oceanian islands) were settled last.

Scientists who decoded the DNA of some southern Africans have found striking new evidence of the genetic diversity on that continent.

They found, for example, that any two Bushmen in their study who spoke different languages were more different genetically than a European compared to an Asian. That was true even if the Bushmen lived within walking distance of each other.

„If we really want to understand human diversity, we need to go to (southern) Africa and we need to study those people,“ said Stephan Schuster of Pennsylvania State University.

The genetic diversity of Africa’s population is no surprise to scientists. Modern humans evolved on that continent and have lived there longer than anyplace else. So that’s where they’ve had the most time to develop genetic differences. The varied environments of Africa have also encouraged genetic differences.

Africa was the ancient source of modern humans worldwide, so „we’re looking really back into the wellspring of our genetic origins here,“ said Richard Gibbs, a study author from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

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