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Super-Geschwindigkeit: Die Mutationsrate der Evolution ist entdeckt

Everything you need to know about the evolution debate in a single sentence: while one side shouts about how it hasn’t happened, the scientists have already measured its speed.  It turns out that when you’re interested in things like „proof“ and „inquiry“ you can make forward progress instead of insisting everything ever was already known before the invention of the lightbulb.

An international collaboration between the Max Planck Institute and Indiana University analyzed the mutations of thirty mustard samples over five years.  The painstaking research was intended to identify every change at every step, instead of the usual „Come back at the end and see what happened.“  They found an evolutionary speed of one base pair mutation per 140 million base pairs per generation.  Each plant has 120 million, and when you add up how many millions of each plant there are and how fast they grow that’s a breakneck genetic speed.

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In eigener Sache

Die Einschränkungen der Kommentarfunktion sind jetzt aufgehoben. Es darf also bei allen Beiträgen heftig diskutiert werden.

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